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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough:
Cleyra: Sandstorm Stopped

Briefly you go back to those who are captured - they're in a cage. Then Dagger talks to her mom. Doesn't believe her. Kuja comes in. They get the eidolons from her.

Now as Freya in town. Go in temple, get emerald from priest, ore from throne. Down to meet the rest. Go back to 3-whirlpool area and meet 2 soldiers to fight. Next room down with sand slide - 2 more. Can go up slide now to get elixir in chest.

Next room, large cave room. 2 more. Desert boots behind stalag in middle, mythryl vest in nook to nw. up to ne next room, mythril gloves in chest. Further up is rope won't move. Back down.

Remedy to e in big room. Up path to e. just leads around again into same big room. Ladder = turn around puck comes to warn town under attack. Go fight.

R then l while fleeing now r. up to cathedral - a stranger saves you. It's Fratley with no memory! Beatrix takes jewel. There's a fight, then she leaves with the jewel.

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