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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough:
Cleyra/Alexandria: Finding Dagger

Odin summoning scene learn queen needs 1 more jewel. You're now on the airship. Meet Serino the moogle and save. Go into pods to go to Alexandria.

Back to steiner/marcus, swinging the cage. Mult times each direction (one-two left, then one-two right and so on). Now fight way to l, up ladder. Marcus leaves, but zidane, vivi and freya appear. Now have 30 minutes to get princess before queen arrives.

Run towards camera, then straight up path to stairs, then straight back to second stairs, up around stairs and away from camera. In throne room move candles, go all the way to bottom level and head north. Fight thorn/zorn, end battle at 24:00. Find Garnet

ATE friendship marcus runs to save blanc. Back to Zidane carrying Dagger. Mognet - Mosh. Has letter from Kupo talking about soldiers.

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