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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough:
Outer Continent: Travelling to Madain Sari

Head back into the village - you nee dto find the Holiness in order to get through to the other side of Conde Petit. There are some fun comments about Zidane and Dagger getting married in here. You find him in the alley, and yes, they do marry.

Now go to the far right to see the twins. You see Eiko run past, and follow her into the Mountain Path.

She's quite rude, but now you follow her along various twists and turns to her home. Grab any stones you see along the way. You head east, east, north, with the Moogle Suzuna. Then up and around to the left where you see the Iafa Tree. Now you hit Hilgigars, a boss. You grab some ether in a chest and then hit the Village of Summoners, Madain Sari.

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