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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough:
Outer Continent: Madain Sari

Talk about ATE-happy! You get at least FIVE of them here: Vivi's feelings, Dagger's feelings, Eiko's feelings, Eiko's Kitchen, and Eiko's Kitchen 2. Eiko has fallen for Zidane and everyone else is just pondering life. Half of this is about cooking.

Send Mocha fishing, Momatose with the pot, and Chimio in the kitchen. Make food for 10, no oglop, and go help with the fish. Quina helps too. Find the Kirman coffee in the kitchen! There's ore and a phoenix pinion in the dining area. Morrison the Moogle takes you to see the eidolon wall paintings.

After dinner, take the pot in and you learn about the sealed eidolon in the Iafa tree.

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