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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough:
The Zodiac Coins

Queen Stella in Treno is looking to get her hands on all of the zodiac coins. You find them in really strange locations throughout the world. Here are where you can find them.

Aries: In Dali, in the windmill, behind the wheel.

Taurus: In Treno, north of the shop that's opposite the inn.

Saggitarius: In Lindblum after it's been blown up, in the pickle-area, over to the left by the ladder.

Aquarius: Ispen's Castle, Chest to the right, semi-hidden.

Virgo: Black Mage Village, in inn, in the bed.

Capricorn: Daguerro, in the water to the right.

Gemini: Treno, throw money into fountain in first area 13 times

Pises: On bridge of the Invincible, to the left side.

Cancer: Cart on left near start of Burmecia, in second room.

Fountain in Madain Sari

Statue in Alexandria

Near spring in Quan's Dwelling

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