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Nancy Drew Ghost Dogs Walkthrough
General House Notes

OK, you're in the abandoned house that once belonged to a gangster. The phone rings and you pick it up and chat. There's a note by the phone about squeaking and warning of dogs. Bess is at 1-523-555-4468, Sally is at 1-215-555-5389. Call Bess for not much help. There's a flashlight over the sink, a cemetery map, Sally's note on the counter. You need the well water tested. Over the couch are 4 dogs.

The four dogs are the key to many riddles so pay attention to them. These dogs are Vitus, Iggy, Lucy and Xander. All but Iggy can turn - you'll need some sandpaper. A poem talks about the deer and swans. A lock has 2 - deer, 5 - deer, 8 - deer, and 11 - swans, like the poem.

OK, time to head out into the world.

Nancy Drew Ghost Dogs Walkthrough

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