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The Getaway Walkthrough:
04: Aiding and Abetting

Now you have to chase down a prison van and you have a partner in crime in the car with you. First you have to drive to where the van is now. Try not to have the cops chase you because the 2nd part is hard enough as it is! Still, get there quickly.

Once you see the van, don't stop. Go after it immediately and start ramming it. It works best from the side, not from behind, but if you can't get alongside it just keep ramming it from the back end.

You have a short scene where you free the convict and then put a dummy in his place in the van, then take off again. You have to lose the cops and return to the warehouse. If you get the cops to drive into other cars this usually works the best. This level ends when you get to the warehouse even though it seems to 'blend in' with the next part, where you seach for your son.

The Getaway Walkthrough

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