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The Getaway Walkthrough:
10 - A Cat in a Bag

You have to bring the cash from Yardie place back. Go back to Charlie with the cash. You meet at Depot in King's Cross - depot is big open gate at top of a hill with lots of grey.

Now you're in the warehouse and have to hide behind boxes while shooting people. Go *away* from the 3 guys talking, head up metal stairs to red shelf second floor. Now shoot towards the conveyor belt. You can blow up a HUGE amount of area from there. Be sure to heal up when you can. Shoot red boxes that you can see - they explode nicely. Be careful - you can't shoot on stairs or jump down so make sure all is clear before heading down from your perch.
Go around and into the front area and you're ambused, the end of misson.

The Getaway Walkthrough

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