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Ground Control C03:
At the Source

You start to get some more details in this mission. You're fighting the "Order of the New Dawn", and you now have a pal, Major Dwight Thomas. You need to take out the power generator so he can come in and kill the enemy.

You get two sets of infantry and one unit of light terradynes, and the countdown is in the top left corner of your screen. Head straight ahead at the wall, keeping your APC behind to heal up your units as you go. Take a sharp right into the crevice as soon as you pass the wall - before the processing plant. This niche is where the power plant is. Take it out, and Major Thomas will come in to join you.

Now shoot the various buildings. Don't shoot the hospital - not that it matters. He'll kill it off anyway when he's done. Very, very annoying. I wish you had the option to shoot him ... I certainly tried ...

Ground Control Walkthrough

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