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Ground Control C04:
Iron Shield

Your task here is to defend a research facility. You find out that a female friend, Major MacKenzie, was killed there - you get a sense that you're fighting for slimy people against ... who? Why are we playing again?

You begin with two infantry and two tank units. Go straight ahead, and right into the dark niche. When Set 1 comes, take them from your hidden area. Then go and block the entire road with the infantry on the sides and the tanks a bit further back blocking the middle. The APC hangs out behind them, healing whoever gets injured. This should be really easy to mow down the attackers with.

Now run south to the Howitzers to take them out, then run north to save the base. If you get the infantry in and out of the APC quickly enough, it's a pretty easy mission.

Afterwards she's wondering what our side is doing that the enemy is so afraid of. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Ground Control Walkthrough

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