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Grand Theft Auto 3 Walkthrough -
Give Me Liberty

Your first mission is to get to a safe house where you can get some new clothes. You have a car, so this is really to teach you how to drive. It's completely wide open - you can drive anywhere, on any side of the road, through red lights, you name it. But of course it's in your best interest not to attract a lot of attention right now.

Look at the map. It has a dot showing you which way to go. Aim towards the dot, but make sure to stop at red lights, stay in the correct lane. When you get to the safe house, you change and save. It's pretty much your first left and then straight/left. You can save 1 car in your garage with you. A save takes 6 hours on the clock.

Now your buddy wants you to meet his friend, Luigi. Be sure to grab the bat in your driveway before getting into the car. Be sure to turn right out of your driveway, that's a one way street. Continue on to Luigi's club.

At the club, your friend will go inside, and one of the mafia guys will come out. He'll ask you to do him a favor, to pick up Misty.

Grand Theft Auto 3 Walkthrough

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