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Grand Theft Auto 3 Walkthrough -
Big N' Veiny

Someone stole his van full of his porn magazine. Take another van (as shown on the map) and collect all of the magazines. Follow the trail to the thief and then kill him. Finally, deliver to the spot indicated.

OK, this is a speed mission. You have to be good at van-driving. First, jump in the van. When you do, a video starts and a timer starts. Now follow the trail of magazines. There's no pointer, just magazines and each one keeps your time level going. It might take you a few tries to learn the route so you're not having to guess which way to turn. Expect that. Once you get it though, it'll be doable.

When you get to the guy, just run him over. The timer stops, and you have plenty of time to drive the magazines back.

If you're curious, here is where each 10th magazine is:

10 under bridge (just after)
15 at corner (turn L)
20 on up slope (just after turn)
30 on top road (2nd to end)
40 on down slope (in an intersection - keep speed under control!)
46 turn
50 by diner
52 right at diner
60 by park
70 under bridge
80 by turn into lower area
90 on road
100 in harbor

$20,000 plus a pile of magazines at your home :)

Grand Theft Auto 3 Walkthrough

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