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Grand Theft Auto 3 Walkthrough -
Portland Harbor Car Ring: The List of Cars

You'll get a beeper message that the harbor guys want more cars. To start with, they want another Securicar. This is the armored van you did the payroll heist from. Look around the northern areas of town to find one. There's a sign right next to the building with which cars they want and which you already have. It's by a big white tank.

Securicar - northern areas of town
Moonbeam - regular van - Head parking lot
Coach - in lot across the treet. Go out take left then left and you can see them
Flatbed - firetruck missions
Linerunner - truck front end - in that lot
Trashmaster - do fire truck missions until you get one
Patriot - in supermarket parking lot, get out of it to stop quest
Mr. Whoopee - firetruck missions
Blista - firetruck missions
Mule - regular van - in that lot
Yankee - regular van - in that lot
Bobcat - pickup truck - in car dealer lot
Dodo - wait until you get to airport
Bus - on airport island
Rumpo - regular van on street - at 8 ball'
Pony - regular van on street

Photos of all the cars!

The sign will get a slash through the name of each car you bring in.

Grand Theft Auto 3 Walkthrough

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