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Grand Theft Auto 3 Walkthrough -
Bomb da Base: Act 2

This is one of those missions that can be really nasty until you figure out what the key is. In this case, the key is to get the adrenaline pill so you have extra time to do your sniping!

You and 8-ball head off to the docks. Once you get there, drop him off, then go to the big building by the white tanks. Around to one side are little mobile office things - the portable kinds - with an adrenaline pill. Take it. Now get on the stairs and go all the way up to the roof. Go to the closest wall to the ship. You can hop over on the tanks if you want but it's really not necessary.

Start sniping the two guys at the foot of the ramp. Then do the guy at the top left, then work your way right. You should be able to take each guy out with one shot. There are around 8 guys total, then 8-ball goes in and places the explosion. Then he runs out and the entire ship sinks! You get $150,000 for this one.

Grand Theft Auto 3 Walkthrough

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