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Harvest Moon Walkthrough

A lot of Harvest Moon is about getting through your chores quickly. You'd think a farmer would have time to rest and relax when it's evening or raining, but the game doesn't allow for that. If it rains you go back to sleep ... if it's night you head right to bed so you can wake up early the next morning. Other than that, you're busy all the time!

I was amusing myself when I created a new game, having Hamlet run the Elsnor ranch. His dog, Juliet, was a constant companion, and his birthday was Winter 25th. Be sure to hold down the blue button during those long village walks.

Spring has three festivals: Planting on the 8th, Horse on the 17th and Flower on the 23rd. Start out by planting a batch of grass and some food. There are different ways of going about food planting - I like doing the medium growing ones in each season. Get the fishing rod early and fish each morning to get extra money, as well as gathering up the berries in the pond area.

Get your hands on your horse (which I named 'Epona') as soon as you can. On festival days be sure to water your plants first - the festival, once you go, will take the entire rest of the day. When you chop down logs they go into your wood pile - use wood from that pile to surround the grass plot you have growing, so when you get your cows and chickens they can live in there. That saves SO much time over feeding them yourself.

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