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Homeworld Walkthrough: Level 1

Kharak System
This is the first level, and as such it's relatively easy. Not as easy as most first levels are, though! I suppose they figure you've gone through the training mission. You watch a video about how your world finds a "Guidestone" and wants to go back to the planet of its origin. Sort of like Battlestar Galactica. A Mother ship is built and you watch as it launches.

You begin with a resource collector, research ship, 7 scouts, salvage corvette and a few cryo trays full of people. Start out by researching the fighter chassis, and harvesting asteroids. It's safe here - you're just practicing your techniques.

Fight against the drones, and do a tactics trial. Research the corvette drive, and then send the salvage corvette out to capture the drone. That's about it. Be sure you've harvested everything before you leave. When you launch into hyperspace, everyone automatically gets into the mother ship. The graphics for the jump are pretty neat! Something different from the typical "whoosh into space".

Homeworld Walkthrough

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