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Homeworld Walkthrough: Level 2

Outskirts Kharak System
You emerge by the Khar-Selim. Apparently it's been attacked by a hostile race. Build a probe and start harvesting quickly. Research the corvette chassis. Try to harvest a bunch before getting the probe over to the Khar-Selim. Note that the probe moves extremely quickly, so time your harvester's retreat appropriately. Once your probe hits the ship, it sees the damage and around now a hostile force approaches.

You should be able to take out this group relatively easily. Research the corvette upgrade when available, and build light and heavy corvettes. Build a second resource collector and more fighters. Now you have to salvage the Khar-Selim. You'll get a second attack, and learn more about what happened to them. Keep building troops. The third attack convinces your guys that you have superior technology, and soon you're done with them. Harvest up the rest of the resources, and jump back home.

Homeworld Walkthrough

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