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Homeworld Walkthrough: Level 3

Kharak System
You've jumped home to warn them of the threat. Ooops. Apparently they got there before you and your planet is toast. You have to save the cryo trays, which hold your people. Your first priority is to save those cryo trays. Note that one is already damaged - the one that is closest in to you, on the top. It's giving off sparks. Your very first commands to all of your troops as they come out of Mother Ship is to guard that tray, and to salvage it. Your salvage team will pull it into the Mother Ship, where it is safe.

Hopefully you have that large attack force from last time - continue to fight the enemies off. Use the salvage ships to drag in the remaining trays, and then have them (as a team) grab one of the enemy ships.

Research the capital ship chassis when available. Again, harvest everything you can, and be sure to get all 6 cryo trays. When you're ready, say goodbye to your home, and jump on to the quieter regions of space.

Homeworld Walkthrough

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