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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Walkthrough

This part of the guide is meant as a quick walkthrough of the map and will guide you floor by floor to all of the goodies and areas not covered in a mission. The secret areas and special battles are listed here for direction but are covered in their own sections.

Ground Floor
On the opposite side of the castle from the portrait room you will find a gargoyle. You get there by going out of the portrait room, into the large room, and into the doorway on the other side. Cast the gargoyle on the right and you’ll find a secret room. Go in and cast the trunk. Go out and turn right. Go down the stairs and find the Mopsus portrait on the right. Further down on the right and through the hallway is the Glover Hipworth portrait. Back in the main lobby, cast the 2 torches near the front door. Cast the floor and jump. Cast trunk and then cast floor and jump out.

First Floor
Turn left, turn left and go through doorway leading away from the main stairs. You find a save book in the hall. Cast the armor on the left and right. Turn right to find the Tilly Toke portrait. Turn left and triple cast cauldron on the right. Triple cast the locks, cast the trunk and turn around. Go straight and turn right back to the save book. Turn right, turn left, turn right and go up the last staircase to the Second Floor.

Second Floor
From the Second Floor portrait turn around and go through the doorway that leads away from the stairs. On the left and right of the gargoyle are banners to cast. On the opposite wall of each is a picture to cast that reveals a skull to cast. Cast the gargoyle and enter the secret area on the left. Turn right to get a chocolate frog. Cast the floor and jump. Turn right, turn right, cast the trunk. Go back out to the gargoyle. When you come out turn right away from the gargoyle and go straight. The next room has a save book. On the right is the Hesper Starkey portrait. Keep going straight and you’ll meet the Monstrous Book of Monsters. Go back to the save book and out to the stairs.

Third Floor
Go through the doorway leading away from the main stairs. Go upstairs and turn left. Cast portrait on left, cast skull. You can also replay the Carpe Retractum challenge here.

Fourth Floor
From the Fourth Floor portrait, turn right and turn right again going in the doorway away from the main stairs. Go upstairs and turn left. Triple cast the trunk on the right and the cauldron on the left. On the left is the Bertie Bott portrait.

Fifth Floor
From the Fifth Floor portrait, turn around and go into the doorway leading away from the main stairs. Triple cast the trunk on the left. Cast the armor and 3 of the 4 portraits can be cast as well. A secret area will open. Go in this room and cast the trunk and banner. Go out left and there’s the Derwent Shimpling portrait.

Sixth Floor
From the Sixth Floor portrait, turn around and go into the doorway leading away from the main stairs. Cast the skull on the right and the Bridget Wenlock portrait is straight ahead.

Seventh Floor
From the Seventh Floor portrait, turn around and go into the doorway leading away from the main stairs. Cast the cauldron on the right. Triple cast the locks on the right. In this room you can cast the armor, book, globe and floor. Jump on the new stone and cast the trunk. Go back out of this room the way you came. Go straight across the lobby and cast the armor in front of you 3 times. Turn right and go straight to the room ahead of you. Cast the case in this room. Leopoldina Smethwyck.

Outer Grounds
Leave the main building and turn left. Go under the walkway but before you reach the door to go back outside turn right. All the way at the end of this walkway, triple cast the plaque on the wall. Run to the opposite end of this walkway, cast the floor and jump. Grab goodies and the Beast 12 card quickly. The floor will drop out and you’ll fall so if you miss anything just jump up again. Leave this area headed to your left. You should be facing the fountain. Cast all 4 bird statues and a square will appear in the center. Cast the floor and jump to the secret room. Cast the case on the left and right. Cast the banner and defeat 2 imps. Take the Beast 14 card. Cast floor, jump and turn left. Turn left to the breezeway. At the door cast the head on left and right. Go back to the courtyard. Cast and jump the squares in the 4 corners. Go back to the doorway. All the way left and all the way right you can triple cast armor. Go through the door on the opposite side of the grounds from the castle. You can jump up and collect beans on both sides on top of the bench. You can also cast the armor. Keep going through the next door and turn left down toward Hagrid’s place. You can cast the scarecrow and the pumpkins several times. Turn around and leave this area. Back at the path turn left. At the save book turn left down the path to the Pixie Infestation. Leave this area and at the save book turn left to the Hippogriff Course. Leave this course and go straight back to the fountain in front of the castle. Turn left and stop at the breeze way. Turn right and at the end of the breezeway you can cast the armor. Turn around and half way down turn right into the doorway. Before starting this next puzzle you need to locate 4 images carved in stone: wolf, lion, lion, and serpent. Once you pass through the door turn right. At the end, on the wall on the right is the wolf stone. Turn left and go all the way across this area until you see a bird shrub. Turn right into the back shadowed area. On the wall is the lion stone. Turn around and go straight keeping the wall to your right. You are still headed in a counter-clockwise direction. When you get about half way down this wall you will see a serpent shrub on your right. On your left in the corner of the bushes is the serpent stone. Continue to go around the room in the direction you’ve been going. When you reach the far corner, it is to the left of the door you entered from, there’s the bird stone on the platform ahead of you. Remember those 4 spots. Now turn left, turn right up the stairs and go straight. Turn left down the next stairs and on the ground to the right is a large square stone. Walk on it and the stone in the wall in front of you will change to one of the 4 pictures and a timer will start. Run to the picture it shows and cast the stone. A new timer will start. Run back to the stone you were just at and stand on it. The picture in front of you will change and a new timer will start. Repeat this until all 4 are complete and get a new card (phoenix).

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Walkthrough

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