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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Walkthrough
Carpe Retractum Spell Challenge

Cast the bulb in front of you and the chevron to the left. Cast the new bulb and turn right. Cast the bulb to pull the lever and cast the spot on the floor to make it bouncy. Jump on the square, go straight and drop down. Cast the chevron and climb up. Go straight to get Shield 1. Turn right. Cast the armor, turn right and jump over the pit. Cast the armor on the right. Turn left cast armor on left and chevron on right. Turn around and cast bulb across on the left. On the right, cast trunk for a card, Famous Vampires 1, and beans. Cast the bulb to get to the island. Cast the 2 bulbs in front of you to open to bridges. Jump across both bridges to the landing with shield 2. Turn around and jump back one bridge. Turn right, jump and run up the stairs to a save book.

From the save book, go straight and get attacked by imps and several ferries. To defeat imps, grab their bombs and throw them back at them. Once the bomb starts to get larger run away because itís about to explode. You can avoid the bombs by moving left or right just after they throw it. If they get to close move to the other side of the room. To defeat ferries, cast like you did with the Monster book, hold down the cast key until an icon appears and then release. When theyíre gone check the case on the left and right. Collect the pumpkin pasties. Cast the square in the middle and jump. Defeat a few more imps and get the cauldron. Check the trunk and go to the next room. Cast all 4 armors and shield 3 comes up. Go straight and open trunk. Turn right and to the left cast bulb. Turn left and cast bulb behind you. Cast trunk for the Famous Vampires 2 card. This is secret area 2. Turn around and go back out. You will need to cast and click when the moving stone is under you. Turn right, turn left, and turn right. Cast bulb to upper left to drop bridge ten cast to go up and get shield 4. Go out and left. Cast ball and go through to the right and to the save book. At the bottom turn left cast armor on left and right. Cast the chevron ahead of you and just inside the pit. Run and jump to the bridge. Cast armor in front and right. Cast bulb above you for secret area 3 and Famous Vampires 3 card. Turn around and go out. Cast the chevron and jump. Turn left at bottom turn right. Cast the lock and meet a fire crab. Hit them fast and aim like your playing pool. Keep shooting so they canít shoot you and bounce them into the pit. Cast the bulb above to reach the trunk and cast it. Turn left through door and find 2 fire crabs. Cast them alternately so they canít hit you. Cast trunk on right. Turn left. In the room, go right all the way to the edge of the platform. Cast the bulb ahead and above you. Follow floating stone and jump right. Cast 2 imps. Cast chevron to the lower left for a bridge to cross. Cast trunk ahead of you. Turn left and cast ball to land on stone. Follow it left to end and jump to get shield 5. Ride stone back and cast bulb straight ahead, opposite of where you came in. Turn left and cast chevron, jump and go straight through save book.

Cast the lock and go straight and find 2 fire crabs on pedestals. Cast and knock each off while avoiding fire. Cast the 3 chevrons on the right wall to create stairs. Cast bulb ahead and to the right, jump across and up until you reach the top. Cast the chevron and a bulb appears behind you. Cast the armor then leave. Jump to the platform on the right to get shield 6 and then return. Cast bulb on left. You come across a fire crab on the right. Cast into the pit on the right. Go in turn left and turn right cast bulb. Get a cut scene of a bridge. Go out and cast the bulb above the bridge. Get shield 7. Cast both trunks from atop the bridge. Jump down and collect the beans. Go straight, go through the door opposite where you came in and cast bulb. Land on the float, cast bulb in front. With the save book in front of you turn right and cast bulb. On platform cast bulb on right and then on the left. Walk to the edge and cast bulb ahead of you. Go straight turn right take next right for shield 8. Cast armor on right several times. Turn around and cast banner above you. Go upstairs, secret area 4, and cast trunk, Famous Vampires 3. Return and go right all the way back to the save book.

From the save book turn right cast trunk on left and turn left. Defeat the imps and cast armor on the right. 4 ferries will appear. Once you finish the ferries cast the trunk on right. Cast the armor on the left 4 times for Famous Vampires 4 card. Go through the door, turn right and ignore that bulb for now. Cast the last picture on the right. Cast the gargoyle then turn around and drop into the secret area 5. Cast the trunk behind you as you land and then turn around. Go straight turn left. Cast the spot on the floor and jump up to get shield 8. You land in the room from earlier when you had to cast the armor 4 times. Go straight and cast the bulb you ignored earlier to jump across. Turn left, turn left cast the 2 chevrons on right. Climb up and cast armor on left and right. Cast bulb on the left, right and center. Jump to the first island. Cast the bulb to the next one. Cast bulb ahead and on the left to shield 10. You get the bean bonus room. Run quickly and grab everything you can. When you finish meet up with Harry and Hermione.

Competed: 5/5 secrets, 10/10 shields.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Walkthrough

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