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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Walkthrough
Draconifers-Lapifors Spell Challenge

As Hermione, use the right button to jump and the left button to chew once you’ve cast a rabbit. Cast the rabbit and turn left toward the grass. Eat this and go through, turning left to get beans and pumpkin puffs. Go to the mound and use left button to dig. This activates a pressure plate and you’re back at the start as Hermione.

Turn left, cast armor on left for Dragon 1 card and right. Go straight for Shield 1. Go straight through door. Cast banner, go behind rabbit for a cauldron and then cast rabbit. As the rabbit, go straight and turn right at grass. Eat grass and go straight, jump bushes for beans. Turn right and dig mound by jumping over the fence. Turn right eat beans and grass, go straight, dig mound and you return to Hermione. Go straight and left to square on floor, jump for Shield 2 and save book.

Go straight, at gate turn around and look up. Cast animal head andthen go back. Cast rabbit on left. As the rabbit, go straight and eat grass. Go hard left, all the way you can, around the back of the cement block and then the same on the opposite side. Eat grass to the left of the well. Go in the new entrance and left. Dig the mound and the well opens, continue down shrubs for beans. Jump down and into the well. Follow right for goodies and come out on shrub. Follow left and dig mound. The door opens and a shield appears. As Hermione, go straight to Shield 3. Leave through door.

Cast dragon and use to collect all the beans. It says you can use the space bar but the right button seemed much easier. It was like riding the Griffin. Fly through the black ball of smoke and land on the platform with the pumpkin puff. Use the left button to blow a ball of fire. As Hermione, go straight, drop down and turn left. Cast pumpkin on left and fountain head on the right. Continue around the circle and cast pumpkin on the left and the fountain head on the right. 4 imps will appear. Defeat them and a new secret area 1 will open. It is on the other side of the fountain from where you dropped down. After you go in here go back to the place you jumped down and climb up. Go straight to Shield 4. Go straight, left, and cast dragon. As dragon, fly out of the room to collect beans and cauldron under the bridge. Fly up to pumpkin and blow fire. The bridge will move. As Hermione, go straight, turn left to Shield 5 and save book.

Go straight, cast armor on right and left. Cast Chevron which opens floor, cast square, jump up, go through door. Cast the rabbit. As the rabbit, turn right, eat grass, at the end get the beans around to the right. Jump the bush and go all the way left. Eat grass at the end on left and go in. Eat all of the grass along the edges. Go out, turn right, dig the two mounds for beans. Go back over shrubs, look behind the pots for beans, eat grass on the left, dig mound and return as Hermione.

Cast the dragon and collect the beans in this room. Go right to the half circle in the upper right side of this room and go in. It seemed easier to fly to the left ledge and walk around. Blow flames to light 3 statues which reveal ledges. On the third you return as Hermione. Cast the armor, get beans and a secret hole is there. Drop in, turn left to secret area 3, defeat 4 imps, get trunk. Turn around and leave out right door. The floor moves you up another floor. Cast the 2 pumpkins. Climb the 3 ledges and get Shield 6. Go straight through door. You’ll see a totem pole looking contraption in front of you with symbols on each side. Cast each until the half moon shows on all of them and the left gate will open. Cast all of the cards and the middle gate will open. Cast the trunk for Dragon 3 card. Cast trunk for beans. Cast each to a shield and the right gate opens to reveal Shield 7. Go left, cast lock.

Here you meet the Bundilum. They are fairly easy to defeat by casting a spell and then jumping on there head a la Mario Brothers. Don’t run in quickly after they’re dead because the slime they’ve released is dangerous. Go straight to save book.

Through door, go right and cast rabbit. As the rabbit, go around the outside edge behind everything and collect goodies. Across from where you start eat the grass and go in to get pumpkins. Turn around and jump up for a cauldron. Dig the mound and the fountain will release some items. You return as Hermione. You’ll have to defeat 2 bundilums. Each of the 4 shrub sculptures will also release treats and shield 8. Here you will meet 6 imps in small quarters. Try to run back and forth to avoid being hit until you defeat them. Get the chocolate frog and beans. Continue to the next door. Cast cauldron on right and straight for goodies. Save book.

Above the save book cast the chevron, floor opens, cast floor and jump up to secret area 5. In the room you’ll see 2 heads and a large circle. The heads from left to right are brown, red, and blue. They match the rings which go big to little, brown, red, and blue. Each time you cast a head the ring moves. Line up 3 of the pictures to match what’s on the wall and goodies will shoot out, also shield 9 and Dragon 4 card. When you finish turn around and look up above the door. Cast the monster head on the wall for some cauldrons. Back out and jump down and turn right to save book. Go straight through door, turn left, turn right, cast cauldron on left. Turn right, turn left, turn left, turn right, turn right and meet a bundilum. Defeat it, turn right, and defeat 2 bundilums. Cast the trunk, head out of this area, turn right. Save book. Turn right, cast symbol in the bushes on left, cast the rabbit. Go to the spot you walked in and eat the grass. Now you’re in a maze like area so get ready for a lot of turn directions. Go straight, turn right, turn right, turn right, go straight, turn left, turn right, turn left, turn left, turn left, turn right. Turn left, turn right, turn right, turn right, turn left. Eat grass on the right and dig mound. The gate opens. As Hermione, turn right, defeat the bundilum, go straight, cast the chevron on the upper wall. Turn right, turn left and cast the dragon. As the dragon turn around and walk forward until you fall off to get a cauldron. Now fly out. I found it easier to walk the top of the shrubs to get the beans. Get the floating beans and collect a fire ball. Blow fire into the statue near the ceiling and a gate lifts, the floor opens, and you return as Hermione. As Hermione, go to the open gate, secret area 7, cast trunk for Dragon 5 card, cast floor and jump up to collect shield 10. Enter the bonus bean room.

7/8 secrets, 10/10 shields. Go forward to the cut scene.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Walkthrough

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