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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Walkthrough
Rescue Buckbeak

Go straight, through the gate to a cut scene, turn right, save book. Back at the center cast the chevron on the upper left of the door, cast the floor and jump. As Hermione, cast the pot on the right and go left to save book. Cast the dragon, fly out of the opening to gather goodies and blow a flame at the statue. Go in the gate opposite where you left Hermione and light the statue. As Harry, go to the right in the newly opened door. Turn right and defeat many imps. Cast the cauldron and the floor, jump up to the save book. Cast the trunk, and the chevron on the back wall. A door opens. Cast the floor, land on a tower, cast the floor and land on a tower, cast the floor and land in the room with Hermione. Double cast the lock, cast the cauldron on the left, Famous Wizard 10. Fight some pixies, cast the chevron and a door opens. Cast the rabbit. As the rabbit, turn left, turn left into tunnel. Turn right, turn right down stairs and turn right out of tunnel. Eat the beans and dig the mound. As Harry, go straight, cast trunk on the left, double cast the chevrons, cast floor and jump, cast cauldron on the left and right, double cast the locks and get a cut scene.

Final Dementor Encounter

Cast the first wave of dementors, then a second wave appears. Once they’re defeated you get a cut scene.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Walkthrough

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