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Ico Walkthrough
The Glowing Sword

You're out by a boat. Go up the ramp on the left and pick up the glowing sword with the chain on it. Now you can open idol doors! Go back to the idol door. Go in and pull the lever to make the elevator go up. Go out the door, open the idol doors from behind. You're in a 2 stairway room. Now you'll be in the very first room of the entire game. The monsters are around the girl but not hurting you. Now is a long tedious battle where you kill enough to light up all the tombs in the room. Once you do, stairs appear. GO up the stairs and through the door. Look at the throne and then leave to get a video with the queen. She plans on using the girl's body so that she can keep living. Nice.

OK the Final Battle. The sword protects you from her blasts, as do the 2 pillars. Any time she prepares to blast, make sure you either have the sword or are behind a pillar. Only hit her RIGHT after a blast so that you have the full time to retrieve the sword before the next blast.

Hit 1: Sword flies right.
Hit 2: Sword flies far left into the grey area. Can reach in one run or go to pillar first
Hit 3: Sword flies left up on stairs
Hit 4: Sword flies to stick in left wall
Hit 5: Sword flies way back on right, go to right post and then sprint for it right after a blast

When you next hit her, you'll stab her. She laughs, the girl turns black, there's a LONG video of the girl taking you to the boat and the entire castle falling down.

Wait through the credits. You awaken on a beach. Walk to the far left to find the girl.


Ico Walkthrough

Please swing by my Forum to ask me how to get through if you're stuck somewhere I haven't put up yet. I'll get back to you quickly.

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