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Ico Walkthrough
Big Chandelier Room

Go into the doorway. You're now in a huge room with many levels. Go down the middle and jump across. You jump up the windows and cross the top level to the chandelier. Try to get into it, and it falls down and thumps down a drawbridge from the next room. Go back to her. You might as well get her and go back to the sofa to save again.

Now go down the circular stairs on the side of that central island. Grab a bomb. Take it in and put it by the supporting beam (i.e. the floor to ceiling one). Go to the fallen chandelier and light your stick on fire with the 'use' button. Then go use your lit stick to light the bomb on fire. BOOM! Now there's a path down to that level from above, for the girl.

Go back up to the main circle area, then into the doorway and down the new ramp. Now, monsters will appear when you start down the ramp. Just race as fast as you can to the bottom. When the girl makes the stones slide, it'll zap all the monsters dead, instantly!

Ico Walkthrough

Please swing by my Forum to ask me how to get through if you're stuck somewhere I haven't put up yet. I'll get back to you quickly.

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