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Jak and Daxter 3
Lizards and Dune Hopper

Your next task is to herd lizards into a transport. Drive over to the marked area on the map, there are 4 lizards to get your hands on. In essence drive really fast until you get near the leaper and then Daxter leaps out to ride on it. It goes top speed and all you can do is steer or jump. Ride them into the marked container area.

Doing this successfully is really a matter of learning this map area very well so you know where there are things to jump over and where it's safe to point.

When you get all four, you get another vehicle. This is the Dune Hopper - when you are driving this, use L1 to create a super high jump. This now lets you get to areas you could not reach before.

Drive on out to the red marked spot on your map, doing hops across the various islands in the chain. Note that when you get to the mountain and are driving up in it, there is going to be a jump halfway up it, by a waterfall. Keep your eyes open. You will be stopped by a stone aqueduct and have to get out of your car to enter the temple itself.

Jak and Daxter 3 Walkthrough

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