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Goldwood: middle area

Goldwood: middle area

This is the section between "Outset" and "Interior". There are oil barrels along the jungle path, stairs, a ramp to a door with a red key, a bug lock you can't shoot fast enough yet. If you go left you meet your pal Yoda ;) who gives you the red key. He's standing before the "Floyd Door" that you can't enter.

A side note on bug key colors - the outside of the bug is the color of the key. The inside of the bug shows if you can get in yet or not - green means you have the key, red means you don't have the key yet.

The Red Key room is just a single room with a big bug. Shoot him until he dies, and you get the machine gun. You can shoot the full-health gems to get them, and there is also machine gun ammo. If you die in here you just reset.

When you return with Floyd
There is a door you can only get through with Floyd. When you have him, there's a race here where you have to get all 16 items and disable all power supplies. It's pretty easy to do.

Now you can get through the bug-door. This simply leads to stairs in a corridor that will then lead into "Interior".

Jet Force Gemini Walkthrough

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