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Rith Essa: Bluff

Rith Essa: Bluff

You start in a rainbow-sky jungle, with a machine gun capacity increase, but no drones. There's a waterfall and happy music. There's a blue door, and a ramp. If you go up the ramp, you can jump across to a pistol capacity increase and a Gemini Capacity (to 9). Behind a wooden door is homing missles and coins.

There are bears you can't get to yet, and a door.

The next room has a shotgun capacity increase on the right, and machine gun ammo on the left. There are fly guys and barrels, drones, and a path by clouds. Follow the path for some machine gun ammo, full pistol ammo, and plasma shotgun ammo. There are two big guys to kill, more fly guys. Grab the last 2 bears and machine gun increase before killing the guys near them. Near the end is a pack of fly guys by a life door.

2/6 bears, 9:30

Jet Force Gemini Walkthrough

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