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Jet Force Gemini - Battlecruiser Sekmet, Water Ruin

Juno can get to Water Ruin by flying up through the ledges in Sekmet. He flies over to the lost island. Juno can't get the tribals, so concentrate on the earplugs first. Find Ivana sleeping in the corner and give them to her. She'll give you the Ship's power cell.

Now visit as Lupus. There's one tribal behind the ship, another to the left of the trail, another the right around the corner. You'll find timed mines here too. There's a tribal on a slanted piece of rock that you have to hop up to. There are three total up on the rocks. The final one is out on a ruin.

Even Vela takes part on this world. There's an underwater cave that she needs to go into that holds the nitrogen tank.

Jet Force Gemini Walkthrough

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