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King Kong Walkthrough
The Canyon

You're back as Jack again, hopefully with a spear. Stop by the ammo box to reload and go into the narrow room to grab a bug. Throw it into the main room and it's a shooting gallery as each flying beastie goes down to eat it. There are a LOT of flyers to kill in here, so be patient and snipe them out.

The next area has a bunch of large, friendly dinosaurs - be patient and let them wallow by in peace. Keep going forard and use some fire to burn up the brush blocking the stairs. Walk your way along th eridge to the thin bridge area. Cross and see the plane flying overhead. go up to the waterfall and inside the tunnel. Swim across the pond.

You can toss some bugs into the next pond to draw out the monsters, or just spear them. When it's clear, jump in and go forward. You'll run into another centipede and a door to bash. POOF, another centipede. Slay this round and bash open another door. Even more centipedes. Head left into the water. When you get out, you are in a narrow canyon.

There are a LOT of enemies in this area. Spear a bug, then spear a scorpion and run past while they are beingaten up. In the next area there are bridges guarded by spiders. Spear a fish and again use it to distract the bugs while you run across.

King Kong Walkthrough

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