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King Kong Walkthrough
On Kong's Tracks

This is a LONG sequence of monster-slaying.

Go across the bridge and down the path. You can hear Anne screaming. You see the monkey going past. Walk down the path and go up to the rock area. "Over there" says camera-man pal. "Look at this carnage".

Fight off the monsters and go down to the right - there are 2 levers here, and you need Carl. He's under the waterfall.

Follow his voice - go across a rickety platform which collapses behind you. Kill off more enemies as you go. Follow the path through a tunnel to an area with a massive number of bad guys. There's a hanging crate off to the right. Grab the guns and ammo and soon you're up with Carl fending off the hordes.

Follow the route around through a tunnel to another fight with flyers. When the're toast, go across the bridge and drop down. Now you head into a tunnel and run into 2 enemies. Slay them and keep on going.

You go to a fire-pot spot. Light up, then cross the waterfall and turn the levers.

King Kong Walkthrough

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