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Lego Star Wars Walkthrough

In essence you start out in a "lobby" where you can gain a few random coins. You need to go through doors (which unlock as the game progresses) to get to actual gameplay. There are three full Episodes here, that tie in with each movie. Each Episode has several chapters that account for the plotline moving along.

As you go, you unlock characters, and can later go back and replay the various chapters with different characters. This means that you can NOT necessarily find every item on every level on your first pass through. Many times you will need to return at a later time with a different character to get into every corner of the level. Be patient. Don't try to do everything on your very first time through.

Your aims are to get as many tokens as you can, as well as finding all ship parts and minikit parts. The ship parts build ships that you can see outside the main bar area - i.e. go "down" from the bar you start in to see the ships being built in the parking lot.

When you go through a game once, you can return in Free Mode which lets you use your left trigger / right trigger to switch between characters. That way you can get to those hard to reach places :)

Y - switch between characters (if they are proximate)
X - take out light saber
A - jump (Jar-Jar can jump higher, Padme can't jump as well)
B - use force (when green glow if Jedi)

silver - 10
gold - 100
blue - 1000

If you are low on health in Freeplay switch to PK droid to not be attacked or shot (possible exception of boss fights)

-- Killer1o1

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