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Lisa Shea
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Lego Star Wars Walkthrough
Episode 1 - Chapter 1 Negotiations

I just love this series, it is so cool to watch a lego recreation of the movie! When you start in Dexter's Diner you only have access to a door to get you to Episode 1. If you want, bash away at items in this room to learn the controls.

You begin with a little red lego ship flying in to the space station. Bash away at the entry room. Make sure you force the chairs 3 times so you then get all the tokens - and get the blue one in the forward right corner.

Now into the main hall. Kill the enemies and then force everything in the first hallway to get lots of tokens.

Go right here, force the central machinery for tokens. On the right, you can force the elevator to make it go up but you'll need Jar-Jar later to jump up for the blue token. To the left is another elevator that you can reach the blue token from on this side.

To the left side of the intersection is a robot door, leave this for now.

Flip all levers in this middle hallway to get 1/10 at the end of the hall. Kill the robots here.

Turn right and head down this hall, opening all vents as you go. Once again pull all 6 levers to get 2/10 by C-3PO. There's another R2 door on the left here.

Take control of C-3PO. Go to the first room on the left, counting from the entry room. Force the 2 gears to go on the machine. Stand on the box and then force the machine to go up - your token bar should now be flashing and full. Then stand on a button - your friend will stand on the other - and you get 3/10.

Next go re-fetch C-3PO from his end-room spot and take him to the second room on the left starting from the initial room. You can get tokens in here, but you can't finish the stacking puzzle until you return with Annie, who can crawl through that low tunnel you see on the left.

Head forward again. C-3PO has to go through 2 doors. Now you're by a pair of blue glowing pillars. Use the force on the door, and then jump up on the table created to get 4/10.

In the next room, you begin up on a ledge. Jump down and fight. Use your force ability to stack the items on the left to get up to the gems. Head towards you over the ledge to get more items. There's an R2 room up left for later, and a item for Jar-Jar to jump up to later.

Now go right to fight the main group of enemies. Slam jump the rolling enemies to knock out their shields.

Stack up the blocks over in this area, allowing you to get up to the platform area. Then use the lever on the wall, jump up to the top platform. The platform will go back and forth 3 times per switch. 5/10. You can make a table on the far right but you need Jar-Jar to get up to the blue there.

Now redo both 'locks' on the sides of the door so they point sideways, and use those ledges to jump over the fence. Use the buttons to let in C-3PO. Kill the guys in here, finish up any other gathering including the blue on top of the ship, and then head into the ship.

This unlocks:
Episode II
Episode III
TC-14 robot

My totals:
100% tokens - superkit piece (1/17)
stud total: 53780
minikit: 5/10

Get into the C3PO room, use Annie to go into the vent and turn off the force field. Stack up the blocks and get 6/10.

Next, go into the R2D2 room. Stand on the rolly thing and wait for your force-friend to push it. When it gets to the end of its run, jump up and get 7/10.

Now on to the big main room. First stack the trio of boxes by the entrance to this room and have Jar-Jar jump up for 8/10. Next, force the tank to the left to rearrange it - and have Jar Jar jump up on it. At the door, have R2D2 open the door and go in. Have one person stand on the button and the other use the raised area to jump within both glass tubes, to push the buttons within. Stand on both at the same time to unlock 9/10.

NOTE: I think this next note goes with this level, please let me know if it does!! in first room with vent - have to jump into it as jar-jar - have R2 fly across the room. now activate the door switch with R2, jump up on the ship to get 10/10 and now ago through force field and return to end of the level.

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