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Lego Star Wars Walkthrough
Episode 1 - Chapter 2 Invasion of Naboo

In the beginning, force ALL the flowers you find, and swat at occasional passing enemies. To the right is a spot where you have to return when you have a gun-toting character for this. Lift up the tree and move on, picking all the flowers. Next, force the ship several times to get it to blow up. Jump up on the left side of the ship parts to get 1/10. Be VERY careful you don't move forward quickly here, because it auto-sucks you into a Jar-Jar scene.

Get Jar-Jar and then get flowers in the next area. One will give you a little grey block - force it to become a ledge over on the left. Jar-Jar jumps up on that ledge for 2/10. Go forward up the stairs. Force to create a bridge.

Change to Jar-Jar. Get Jar-Jar up on the ledge. Have the others join him. Have Obi force the gears to make the next platform. Jar-Jar is going to be doing a lot of jumping for you in this game. Make sure he jumps for any blues you see! Force the end block up high on the left for 3/10. Go up past a waterfall.

Go into the doorway. Use force on an object to your left to make a ledge below you. Go down for 4/10.

You fight some more as you go along. You reach an Annie-door and can see the bonus item below you, come back later for that. Use the force to blow up a ship, then to make a tree hangar. Have Jar-Jar jump onto this for a blue.

Move along into an area on the left that you just opened up. There's a blue on top of a square platform, and a floaty one to jump from.

You find 5/10 in a side room down in the next area. Now as Jar-Jar, go up along the ledge and it lowers at the end. You can all now go through the door.

Build a little robot guy with force abilities to get 6/10. Pick flowers and and slash away at the enemies. You should have a full, flashing bar by now. Get some flowers and work your way to the water. Go straight for the blue coin. Now it's time to swim, and get a little cut scene.

Once you're in the ship, you're done. You unlock Jar-Jar Binks for your jumping pleasure.

Jar-Jar Binks

My Count:
superkit - 100% (2/17)
stud - 96,010
ship parts - 6/10

now got the target one at the beginning right. got the annie one. In the floating room you have R2 fly across - just get a blue

minikit - destroy first tree

second minikit - under the ship that comes after the tree - have to demolish it.

Main Star Wars Lego Walkthrough

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