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Lego Star Wars Walkthrough
Episode 2 - Chapter 4 Gunship Cavalry

This is a flying mission with red and green ships. X is shoot. You can move left and right.. Be careful not to go off the cliff. You have control over going faster and slower. You have to time the red blasts to not be zapped.

Go along past rolly things, spidery things, timing the red things. When you get to blue zappy electrical beams you have to shoot the beam generators.

There's a cut scene and now you're at a space ball with a timer - 45 timer. Go shoot at the laser launchers as you go around. Shoot the spinny things - you have to shoot at all the lasers first and then re-circle and have to shoot all the blue things that were previously behind blue shields.

This is pretty challenging! Hammer down on the button to shoot much faster.

Actually shoot both laser around a shield then it comes down and you can get them.

Now a guy escapes in speedy bike

superkit 32%

stud total 33030

minikit - 6/10

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