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Lego Star Wars Walkthrough
Episode 2 - Chapter 5 Count Dooku

Obi and Anakin go into a building after the count. You see a rappel spot on the entryway. Kill the guys then there are buttons to press. You have to take turns hopping around the buttons - pass a bonus for Jar-Har. There's a force spot up top that both have to do together.

Get the blues under the speeder bike. In the previous room - force move the barrels, bash them and get 1/10

There's also a bonus spot up over to the right in the room with the buttons. There's another high one here too - you need Jar-Jar for it.

There's a cool Dooko salute, now you're into a boss battle. First slash him. Then force things into him. OK, now Obi-wan is knocked aside. Anine's hand is chopped off. Now in comes Yoda. It's uber yoda!!

Now you have to force back the lightning balls. Next you fight again. There's an Annie door down in the wall on right of the tall tower.

At one heart, she falls thing on Annie. Yoda saves him. In comes Padme.

Episdode II complete!!


superkit - 87%


minikit - 2/10

now you see them laughing evilly

Rappel at the beginning for a bonus

4/10 is up in next round room with platforms - need a jumper

5/10 up there too on right

another 3 in the final room - have to get them before killing him. One involves annie on the right, then padme rappel up.

another just is hopping up the force ladder

fly left - get bonus

last one - he has to blast cage in final room up high to go up 3-tier stair to get it

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