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Lego Star Wars Walkthrough
Episode 3 - Chapter 5 Ruin of the Jedi

You see Obi-wan and Yoda. Kill the enemies then force the door to go in. Fight your way along and force the giant ball on the left to get coins. Now go right, do the sphere, then do the door objects.

To the left - platforms to jump up to bonus. To right - bonus behind shield

OK so first go right, and do the rightmost jumping puzzle. You get up to a button to push. Do so, then trigger the lever beneath you.

Now go to the left jumping puzzle in this area. Jump up first to the lever and pull it. Next jump further up to the 1/10.

Actually there's one even further left - get lever - high bonus needs Jar-Jar.

Go into the center of the machine, kill a few, you see shak-ti being head chopped off. Then you see him kneeling.

superkit 52%


minikit - 1/10

2/10 just sitting in back of first area

3/10 - make pile of 3 blocks and jump up

4/10 - on right bash things, rappel up, go to over door and shoot window

5/10 through door up brown force stairs

6/10 - go towards you after 2nd ball

7/10 same area, go into door for jedi council chambers and stack chairs

8/10 - first jumping area

9/10 - jump on platform to right, over all the way around to the left, fly over barrier to get to it. hit lever to open up next area.

10/10 - do all 3 left things on final room - now go up on top to balcony

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