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Lego Star Wars Walkthrough
Episode 3 - Chapter 6 Darth Vader

The frst part is a fast run with both having to stay alive, mostly left right left right then a few jumps to the end. Expect to replay this a lot but you earn oodles of coins. There's a bonus to left immediately before the end.

You have to use force on bunches of things to extend time then cooperatively do the door to get out

now cut scene of fight

more jumping in lava

now final battle

superkit 8/17


minkit - 3/10

note final battle needs obi-wan to win but it's 2 player??

great birth scene with two new babies - then darth scene

Note you get TONS of coins rerunning this area.

In the 'falling apart' room - there are 3 in the front area alone - for one behind the wall, bash to get the force

When the field is down, now go out.

there is 1 still on the back island.

8/10 done

There's a R2 door in the timer room.

From the final fight area - fly right with R2

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