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Lego Star Wars Walkthrough
Misc Notes

I have no idea where these notes below go. They were in my text file of notes for this game but I didn't label them properly. Can you give me a hand? Do any seem familiar?

robot guy - first room - rappel to right for bonus

on green platform later - rappel up 4/10

in multi door room - c3po has 5/10

in big hollow room - one on far left. One in top center - either jump up with jummpy guy or there's an annie door

to it on lower right

3 doors in room past chair - lots of coins

8/10 in door to right

last 2 on left and right in las room

now 9/17 superkit pieces -

episode IV A New Hope

forward - kill rebels. get to floor button place. press all - get 3po back to 3po door and through

spell lego in side room then through c3po doors

now through and left - make spinner with force

next see leia with R2 and ends

anakin skywaler

darth vader


still 2 left

now continue story - just the credits

rebel trooper 1000

princess leia 50,000

in combat sequence with people tied up in arena - 2 up above annie's head on right

annie door - get to one in cage

pillar area - make tall orange/brown pillar then force stairs on back wall. Go to pillar top. must be brown brown, orange orange, white, orange on top.

right of big gate with nothing behind it, it's behind a pillar.

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