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Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough
Learning Lumos

You're back at the top of the main stair arae. Rebuild the gold statue on the far left - you'll need the rat to get the head - to open up the gold area on the left. You need a reader, which you'll learn about in a little bit. For now, it's time for another class.

Follow the ghost coins to the second classroom. This one is to the right of the first one. You now learn how to make light when it's dark. You need your friends (or the computer) to hold up "flashlights" for you while you gather up pieces and fill in the tile floor. Make the ramp to the left as per the painting on the wall. If you see green claws, the light will scare them away temporarily.

When you finish all the pieces, you get the Lumos spell and a gold brick.

Zap all four candlesticks to unlock the "girl" character.

If you shoot the professor you get turned into an ice cube! It's just temporary though :)

OK now you can get past the green plant arms. This looks like the main entry hall. Gather up tons of coins, zap and hit everything. There are the 8 torches in here. Some can't be used yet (sparkly ones). You can't go past glass, you can't go past hall monitors yet. Be patient :)

Chase the girl with the "face token" into the snake - she drops her token. You get the Gryffindor girl token. When you're sure you're done, clear out the green things and go in. It's time for Snape!

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough

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