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Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough
Cloak of Invisibility

Follow the ghost back through Hagrid's area and the hallway. Now you see Christmas tree decorating - how lovely! Follow back to your dorm area. There are presents waiting for you. Now the invisibility cloak is yours!

Harry puts on his invisibility cloak, gets near the books, and hits the button to destroy them. First clear out the angry books using the invisibility spell so they don't harass you through the rest of your time here.

Then go to the top right. To do this, someone stands on book, the other person levitates it up. Smash everything. Get the flowers, put them into the caulrdron.

On the right - do the same things. Someone goes up. The ice cream is behind the wall there, for the cauldron.

In the top right, smash the center bookcase to get the spider. Now the door opens.

In the next room, you have to avoid Filch. Your task is to move the pipe parts to the right spots in the connector system by color. Once you do that the gate opens. Get the key - bring it up to the main gate - and it opens.

If you caught by Filch, shoot the cat to get him to release you.

Send the rat up the central tube to open the back door. In the courtyard there are spiders - shoot 3/3 for a shield.

Scare the green arms, and a ghost comes out. Shoot the bats on top of the door and a mirror appears.

* 2 shield pieces
* not true wizard
* 419600
* 1 brick level complete

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough

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