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Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough
Hagrid in the Forest

First, go backward a bit, fix the two statues, send down the chest. Then head forward down the stairs. Go all the way through the school to Hagrid's Hut. It's time to head with him into the forest.

Save the boy trapped up in the plants. Send the pup to dig up the coins. Go up the tree ladder, then dig on the top right to make ladder on the right. Destroy 3/3 plants for a house shield.

Watch out for the flying things - to slay them you'll need hagrid's crossbow.

When you're ready, dig in the center of the roots to move into an underground area.

In the lower area there's a hive. Shoot it to stop the bees from coming out, using your crossbow.

Build the stairs to go up and right. Slso build a structure on left with blue on bottom, yellow on top and green as step to get to the coins.

For the stairs use yellow bottom - then green - then blue on right. Jump right towards the blue coin.

Water puts out the light?? A magic light??

Dig in island and the water sinks. There are fish out of water - 6/6 - get a house shield for hepling!

At the bottom, pull the cable - this creates a land bridge. Go back up the stairs and across it.

Shoot all the webs to make a tree bridge. Time to go into the red lair.

level complete

get fang char unlocked

2 crests

true wizard level

Student In Peril

25 level
26 wizard
27 Student In Peril

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough

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