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Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough
Landing in an Evil Shop

You see the intro scene of escaping from your house.

Now you're at your friend Ron Weasley's house. Have fun blasting things. Throw all the gnomes around to get a house shield.

Run the tractor over all the plants - 7 - and blast the carrots into the sky. Another house shield!

When you're sure you've gotten everything, go into the house.

Do some minor stuff in the house, then go into fireplace with flue powder. POOF!

Now you're in a nasty shop. Clear out the shop then go up on the upper level. Jump down into the chest. There are only red things in there - go back up.

You can only see this in the mirror - there's a strength pull on the back of the hand statue. Hagrid pulls it - this builds the sword.

Send it so it goes to the guy in the painting - he gives you a key in thanks.

Head out into the alley.Use Hagrid to pull strength things, work your way down the alley.

You get a Harry sweater character.

Now you arrive at the book signing. Level is over!

* free play
* Harry sweater unlocked
2 crests
true wizard
32/200 level
33/200 true wizard

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough

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