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Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough
The Quidditch Match

The key in this level is not to race. There's no real "time limit". Just work your way through each area and make sure you've got everything you could.

To begin with, of course, smash everthing. Go down into the trap door. Blast everything and go up to the right. Have Hagrid pull the strength bar. Keep going right and release the snitch.

Move up the stairs - 4/4 banners gets a shield.

Head up the ladder 4/4 banners gets a shield (now your second one)

Float the rock up to the hanging area - this opens the door.

Get to the big open area with a cross bridge. Knock down the black and white banner - this makes a jumping platform to go back up.

Shoot the wardrobe then the barrel to the left to get Dobby.

That sends you to the infirmary. On the left bed you get the unlockable Dobby character.

The nurse unlocks the wardrobe - you can now get earmuffs.

Grab the mandrake and bring him to the glass in the upper right. Take the flower, then put the mandrake into the pot.

You'll find a skeleton arm from the top right bed - toss it into the pot.

Go into next room and clean off the web with a broom. Then clean off the spider. Bring it back to the pot.

Harry gets fed the potion - hurrah! He's better! They now bring in camera boy. Tthis ends the level!!

level complete

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough

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