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Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough
Learning Expelliarmus

Time for a little roaming before we continue our lessons!

Go to the very "top stair room" - the one with the three statues on the right - and unfurl the four banners. You save a Student In Peril.

Go through the whole school practicing the spells you know. Go back to your dorm room and get Fall Rescue in there.

In the main fountain courtyard area, break the five flower glass jars with the screamer to unlock Hufflepuff boy.

When you're ready to move on, follow the ghost.

You get another fun scene. Enemies come out to attack you. First Harry then Ron has to shoot 5 each from behind the line. This is the Expelliarmus spell. You have to hit the guy a few times. You earn a brick!

Harry learns snake speech too!

OK, go back up to the top of the stairs and talk to the snake. Next build the snake statue on the far left. The gates open. Head down into the Slytherin area. You can't go through the actual entry door, because it knows you are not a Slytherin person. You have to go back up.

Continue all the way up to the potion lab.

For the green thing, use the wall on the bottom left.

On the bottom right, smash things and a plant grows. Take the flower.

You'll find the hair on the left.

You get Justin Flinch Fletchley. Use the potion, choose him, go to the right door and get the brick.

5/5 bottle inflations including one from the guy in the left painting and one behind the table between the two paintings.

The way to leave is in the bottom left of the room.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough

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