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Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough
Playing with Spiders

Time to follow the spiders! Go through the school and move down to the Hagrid area.

Turn into Fang! Fun! Create a time spot by digging. Then head into Hagrid's hut.

Ride the 'plant machine' to various blue coins. Go up to the right.

Send a rain cloud over areas to the left - they make a ladder.

The dog can come up and dig to make a tree fall.

Go across water on the brooms - someone builds a ramp up. Make sure you destroy the hive!

Get up on the other side you'll find 6 and 7 of mushrooms to destroy.

Go up and far rigth to find the token for Ron in Sweater.

Go up and right - kill all you find, then dig with the dog to go down.

Spider time! Lob spiders back at the boss while your friends defend.

Now you ride cards back towards Hagrid in a wild race!

True wizard!

level complete

unlocked Ron sweater

1 crest

student in peril

47 - level
48 - wizard
49 - sip

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough

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