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Lego Indiana Jones Walkthrough
Barnett College - Mail Room

The mail room lets you use any parcels you have found in the game. There is one hidden on each level. These let you do both fun and useful secret cheats. Sometimes they're just silly - "ice rink" makes the ground slidey. At other times they are really useful - the 2x coin multiplier helps you gather coins very quickly.

To begin with, you're given access to six items:

secret characters - 25,000
fertilizer - 7,500 (when you ride an animal, you can make them "poop")
disguses - 12,500
silhouettes - 10,000
beep beep - 7,500
ice rink - 15,000

You need to actually find the rest on the levels to use them.

Lost Ark
fast fix - 30,000

Lego Indiana Jones Walkthrough

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