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Lego Indiana Jones Walkthrough
Barnett College - Library

The library is where you can buy additional characters to use in free play mode. Note that first you have to unlock the character by playing through a given level. Once the character is unlocked, you can then buy access to that character with coins.

The first time you go into this area - i.e. after finishing the first level - you have access to these characters:

hovitos tribesman 18k
barranca 18k
belloq jungle 50k
jungle guide 18k

After Chapter 2:
major toht 50k
colonel dietrick 50k
enemy guard mountains 30k
bazooka trooper raiders 30k
sherpa brawler 18k
sherpa gunner 25k

After Chapter 3:
marked bandit 18k
bandit swordsman 25k
enemy soldier desert 18k
enemy officer 30k
monkey man 27.5k

Lego Indiana Jones Walkthrough

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