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Lego Indiana Jones Walkthrough
The Lost Temple

Start a New Game -


south america 1936

You (Indiana Jones) are in a jungle with a tribal henchman. There's a golden chest behind the tree. Your henchman has a shovel - switch to him to dig up a gold monkey head. This is 1/3. Run and jump at the ladder's vine to pull down the vine. Once you climb up to the platform, use your whip to get the hanging items. "Whippable" locations are usually marked by wooden grids and have a beam of light shining on them.

Go to the right, to the wooden platform. Run and jump to the hanging vine.

You'll see "jumping" lego bricks by a grey idol. The idol has an "angry face" which means if you step on the button it will shoot you. Bash the idol head to get it to spin to a happy face - now when you step on the button you get coins.

Now 'build' the jumping bricks to make a springboard, to get some coins. You can't jump up very high on the trampoline you built - you have to hit jump at just the right time. It is "earlier" than when you land, not when you do actually land.

On the next platform area, stand and use the whip to cross. Break the box holding the vine for your friend to cross. Have him dig up the glowing area. He rolls out a whole bridge. Have him drop it on the green area, then cross the bridge.

Break the "odd head" between the first two heads for a dig spot. This gets you 2/3 gold monkey heads.

You can get a whole bunch of coins from the heads. There are also lots of spiders. I managed to get an achievement here - 20g - I step on fortune cookie = 50 spiders killed

On the next large button, make sure you get BOTH of your guys off the button before you venture forward so your pal doesn't trigger them as you cross. It triggers a spike wall.

Lower down, there's another shiny floor area. Have your friend dig up the push-head, to go on the body to the left and add it on. Now you can push this in. It reveals a brown button. Press in both heads - one on either side - and step on both buttons to open a door. You don't have to step on them simultaneously. Don't go through the doorway yet though. Go down (forward) to the lower ladder area first to get some coins and a golden monkey head to dig up at the far left. This is 3/3. A golden chest appears at the bottom of the ladder you just came down. This is chest 2/10.

Now go back into the stone archway.


You're in a new area now, the "alligator area".

You build a little raft. First go "towards you" to get a few coins. If one of you starts to fall off a cliff learn the "instant switch" technique where you quickly switch to the other character before the first character dies. Once the lower run of coins is gathered, then hop on the raft as the shovel guy. He is the one who can paddle.

Cross the pond and land on the other side. There's a build spot right in front of you which just gets you a lot of coins.

Start going towards the stairs and spiders will drop down at you. Kill them off. You find a chest if you go straight left from that stair area. This is 3/10. Keep going around "left" by jumping up here here to find a lever. This opens up a gate at the waterfall. You can jump down from here and get into the secret cave.

Pull the lever on the left to get a series of stone steps to jump up. You get a chest - 4/10.

Now you have to go back across the pond. You can "whip" the crocodiles from land to kill them off. When you swim to the raft, switch to the shovel guy and then Indy will naturally jump on the raft, and then onto the dock as you get close. Then you just switch to Indy again.

The spiders will regenerate - kill them again then go up the stairs. Be careful about the ground where spears come out of the holes. There are a pair of vines here. Have both pull on the vines to open the door.


You're now in a cave. Go to the left, jump up on the railing, up on the ladder and to the right. There's a whip jump wooden platform to the right. Go across that. You're now on an area with two orange buttons, a green button and a box. Put the box on the green button. Below you, the middle spears goes down. Go stand on the leftmost button and he'll jump across twice. Now go around and step on the rightmost button and he gets through. He'll turn a crank to turn the spikes off completely. Now just "become him" quickly and Indy will pretty much instantly be by your side.

Next to the key spot is a spotlight - you can see a vine overhead. Go forward to the whip platform, and use your whip. You'll get a buildable pile of wood. Build it to maek a ladder. Don't go up it yet though. Go further to the right, following the coins and as it goes around the pillar it gets to a chest. This is chest 5/10.

Now go back and climb up the ladder you built. Jump up to the vine and swing left and right to jump back to the vine on the left for lots of points. Slide down again - you can't get to the blue coin you see on the far right until you come back in free play.

Jump over to the far right to get to the series of steps, to a rope bridge. Be careful on the bridge - pieces fall out. If you're in front just run really quickly, they'll drop out behind you.

Now you're at a suspiciously tiled floor. You have to jump on the dark spots only. The doors then open. If you make a mistake and land on a lightly colored tile, you'll get darted by the skulls.

Avoid the three spear-spot tiles in the next area - they make spears come up. Note you can grab the spears to use as a weapon. As you advance a spider then comes down.

Now you need a key for the gear mechanism. Pull down the vine to get it. You can go down the ladder to gather up a few coins if you want to, before you go forward. When you're ready, use B to use the key. This creates a bridge. Note there's a shiny wall you can't break right now.

Go to the head. Indy says he'll do it. of course all disaster begins. The bridge area starts spinning. Get over to the new exit and go through. In the next area, Stay back by the door and jump to the vine. You really have to run and jump. Climb up for a blue token then jump forward. Once you pass the first "step down", watch for falling heads. There's a silver statue where it says only a Thuggee can use it. then there's another run and jump to a vine spot. Jump again immediately.

Both of you now have to hang from the vines to go forward. wait for a head to roll in. Note down below are items connected to the thugee item above. Don't bother going down the ladder for now.

Head on through the door.

OK - it's the giant rolling ball. Run! Run!

I would really suggest just racing and not bothering about coins - they're just not worth it. Just run. There's a chest 6/10 at the very end of the path if you make it that far.

You get a cut scene of coming out - and your pal is waiting for you. You see a C-3PO head! Then you give him the real head and run off.

You're now fighting natives with your plane-flying buddy. Fight your way through bunches of natives to get right. Grab a spear as you go. You'll get to a scary skull thing - throw spears at its eyes. You'll get a chest - 7/10.

When you get that chest, return back to the left again. There is chest 8/10 on the far left forward side. Go gather up all coins in the pond before you start. Get the first box onto the dock area, then whip the second box to bring it towards you from the water. Make sure you are all done with everything before you begin actually fixing the plane.

"Build" the plane parts to fix up the plane - then you have to actually fix it because it's sparking. The mechanic guy has a wrench, which is what you use to fix something that's broken. Jump him onto the plane to do that.

10g - there is nothing to fear here - completing the level

unlock free play

You unlock three characters:
Indiana Jones

8/10. all episodes are now unlocked.

30,000 coins maxes it out. You get a bonus of 25,000 coins when you get True Adventurer.

When you return here with a blowing-up-things character you can go through the metal grate in the idol room. There are lots of coins, a gold chest (9/10) and a C-3PO head (well his whole body actually).

With a thuggee, go to the statue. He will make the spikes down below go away. Go to the far left to find the parcel, behind glass. Use the nooks to hide from the heads and go back to the left to the mailbox. Now the package is mailed. Now keep going even farther to the left to get to a puzzle - you need a book person for this. It's a memory puzzle - they light up, you do the sequence. It changes every time. Once you do the puzzle, it opens a door further to the left. Go through it. At the far far left is the final chest.

50k bonus for completing an artifact

Lego Indiana Jones Walkthrough

Lego Indiana Jones Review

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