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Lego Indiana Jones Walkthrough
Into the Mountains

During the video you see OP1TA5 on the chalkboard. This will come in useful later! Jones is in his classroom. Off he goes to find the disc.

OK, you start out in the bar. Smash everything and build a few things. Use chairs or bottles to smash the torches hanging on the walls. Pull both ropes by the fireplace to get to a chest inside. One rope (the near one)is a bit higher up and needs Marion to jump to it. 1/10

Have Marion go up the ladder - this causes a key to fall. Have her go up and across to the right - build and pull the lever. This brings up barrels which roll across the back of the bar area. This lets you get to the chest behind the bar - 2/10

Once everything is cleared out, pick up the key and use it on the gears by the main door.

Bad guys come in now. Goggle eyes has four hearts. You have to hit him with chairs. Each time you hit him, he'll retreat and go to the other side. For the fourth time, there is a cut-scene of Marion losing her necklace and the place going up in flames.

Round two. You now have to get white-hat guy who has four hearts. You have to throw chairs at him four times in a row. This can get frustrating. Just stick with it. It seems like the fourth hit on each one works best "in person" not thrown.

Round three. Hat guy returns with only three hearts. Again he goes left and right. Keep flinging chairs. On the final one, go up in person.

You get a cut scene where he grabs the flaming medallion and runs off. Then they're outside in the snow.


Build a snowman 1/3 to left of building. Can't trick the hat-guy guard here yet. It doesn't matter if enemies you fight "drop hats". You have to actually BE an enemy soldier - in free play mode - for them to work. You can't get the llamas out or dig up the sparkly area yet. Note that the enemies that come in from the left will just keep coming.

Head along to the right. You'll see a red bomb in front of a set of metal Xs. Grab the torch next to it and light the bomb to blow it up. You can now build snowman #2 and also a white platform. Pick it up and carry it further right to go into the elevator system.

Break the toolbox by the generator to get a wrench - now fix the generator. Ride up the elevator to get to the brown railing, and move across the railing to get to the next area on the right.

Now in this next area Indy has to rope across right to the other side. This is confusing, he has to stand "back from the tv screen" to the wooden platform in order to be able to get to the vine. Once on the right side he builds the bridge and pushes it left.

When Marion gets to the right, she goes further right up the jump spot and pushes the dynamite right and down. You have to build it from the pieces. This creates another blow-up spot, indy goes back across the bridge for the flame.

Note that there's a "fuse" pointing at a set of crates of fireworks on the left side of the platform that held the dynamite. Light that fuse and you can build a snowman there 3/3. That gets you a chest. 3/10.

OK, time to go forward to the right. Once inside pound a few icebergs - you find a hatch that only small characters can go in. You can see the chest above that it leads to. Whip across, smash a barrel and then build a railing for Marion to cross to you. You are at the entrance doors to a temple.

Marion needs to jump into a little nook. Use the gears there to open the main doors.

Smash the statue on the right to get a hanging bar so you can get to the upper statue. Push the statue left. It breaks apart. Build it to create a platform for the lift. Carry it over to the right. Beat up the statue on the left now to get a wrench, now you can go repair the generator. With the generator fixed you can ride the platform up to move right.

Jump over a narrow gap. There'll be another one. At the third one there are a series of hand rails. Go down to the far lower area to see a cute Luke Skywalker hanging upside down from the Hoth scene in Empire Strikes Back. There's a chest here which is trapped by something unbreakable for now. You'll get it in Free Play. Go back up to the hanging rails and to the right is a stone archway.

You're now in a large temple room with red and yellow colored block areas. Break open the colorful statue on the left to get a shovel. Dig with it further to the right to get a golden key. Use it to power the gears to the left of the entry stairs. That lowers a rope for Marion.

Push the top statue far left. Get Marion to follow along the rails to get to the statue top. Now when Marion is on the statue have Indy push the statue right. Marion jumps to the orange platform on the right. Then Marion builds the rope and both of you stand on the orange platform

From the orange platform you get to the right, using hanging ledges. Jump onto the rope, then further on. Once you get to the far-right area you see a grid of heiroglyphs, 3 x 3. You need a book to use them, so another free play item. Go into the doorway.

(note once you get that shovel, you go all the way back to the first snowy room now you can dig up a snowmobile, ride through a 5-stop course and get a chest. You can also just wait and do it during free-play.)


In the next area you are back in a small village. go far right and stand on the wooden whip-spot platform - use the whip to bring down the pillar. Go up on the pillar, on to the hanging ledge and right for lots of tokens.

Get on the llama and ride it over to the platform in front of the door. This will activate the raising platform to go up to the roof. Be careful, if it lands on your head it will slay you.

Grab the wrench and go up on the roof then jump down behind the gate. Now start up the generator, to get past the gate. Break the box on the far left of the map - bring in the resulting block to put next to the generator and get a chest. 4/10.

Go back up onto the roof and grab the silver item to the right - it's a rocket launcher. Use the rocket launcher to blow up the silver box on the right by the bridge. Build a spinner from the pieces. Push the spinner around to raise the bridge and a little box next to it. Watch out for the enemies that come across.

You get another rocket launcher from the little box. Luckily it's refilling if you mis-use it. Now go to the previous room and grab a torch - then come back in here and light the gold cup. You get a chest 5/10.

Blow up the silver statue to the left of the gold cup for coins. Then blow up the blue truck across the bridge.

When you go through the gates, you get a cute cut-scene of them stealing a truck.

Achievement - 10g "It's important Marion - trust me!" for completing level

Unlock marion

100%, 5/10 artifacts

now can buy:
major toht 50k
colonel dietrick 50k
enemy guard mountains 30k
bazooka trooper raiders 30k
sherpa brawler 18k
sherpa gunner 25k

put in zero P1TA5 into the classroom board for super slap.

Lego Indiana Jones Walkthrough

Lego Indiana Jones Review

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