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Lego Indiana Jones Walkthrough
City of Danger

You start with a strange cut-scene with a monkey. Throw a banana at the monkey to get something in return. There are a few enemies here to beat up

Throw a banana to the monkey; he throws you a wrench. use it to fix the platform raiser in front of the platform. Go through the door.


You're in a new area with more enemies, a large street scene. There's a small character hatch, a hat-wearing-person window. Break the stuff below the monkey and then build the ladder but it won't go up. Put the fruit stand back together and the other stands as well. Throw a banana to the monkey and get a shovel. Dig up the sand pile to get a buildable "shovel platform" for some coins. Now dig to the right of the ladder to reveal a lever. Pull the lever to open up the ladder - climb up . There' s a chest to the right you can't get yet - it's behind a blue shield.

Jump to the left to get a gold key. You also have coins up here.

There's a chest behind the key area. If you whip it then bash away beneath it with the shovel beneath there you get flowers. Bash the flowers to get a ladder to build and go up. Chest 1/10.

Now go the right and "away" from you the player.. There's a wooden door with lots of gears on either side. Use the key to open one bar - you still need another one

Go into the back area now. Push the wagon over towards the green awning then have Marion jump onto the awning and then the wagon top. She hangs on the rope to raise the little platform and she can now get the key. Be sure to get the other tokens from that row before going back down again. Go back over to the door to unlock the other bar.


You get to a new area similar to the previous one. There's a little character door. There's an odd Wookie noise too - it's a camel. Smash everything in sight.

Smash a box below the bulletin boards. This becomes a build area to the right of the cart - build it and pull the cart. Items fall out to smash. Also soldiers on camels arrive. An alleyway is now open.

For later free play - a hat-door to the "near you the viewer" side, and silver bars across a door to the right. Get Marion onto a camel and have her jump up to the top of the "small character door" area and gather up tokens

Unfortunately, you can't take the camels into the alley. Head on in when you're ready.


There are bad guys in black robes in the next alley area. Go into the side rooms to gather tokens. At the top of the stairs you get a buildable area - build a ladder. Have Marion climb up to get some tokens.

There's a whip spot to the left to open up the monkey. Now bring a banana over to him to trade for dynamite. Throw the dynamite at the blue barrel to open up the ladder. It's already lit so be careful! Halfway between the bananas and monkeys is a crate - break it open and build a second ladder. Go up the new ladder. Have Marion go up and jump far right, then go on the thin ledge on the right around the back for a chest. 2/10. Now go up the regular left-most ladder.


New rooftop area with a garden and such. Go "forward" towards the player to drop down the brown rails to a chest, stay left - 3/10.

Build the pile of things for a fountain to make flowers. Destroy them! True adventurere at 50k

Build the grill for more money. Go over to the green dome and go around for coins. Push the lever at the dome to get up to the green ball. Push the ball to create a bridge to the next area. Imagine that you are Jason Bourne :)

Go along the wooden bridge to the fan. Smash away. You need to come back in freeplay to blow up the fan and get the coins.

Now you're in an area with a series of breaking bridges - go quickly and carefully across them so you don't fall down. Marion can pretty much jump across them easily. At the far end is a banana box. You get a key for the banana. Turn it in the gears to extend a bridge.

In the next area trade a banana for a wrench then fix the generator. Put the item it drops onto the green platform.

Go to the whip platform and swing across. Smash everything. Build a bridge from the railing you smash. Grab the white object to the right of this little area and carry the item across to the other green platform. Build a hatch opener. Note that you can't get the chest yet that you see on the far right roof. That will come later, in free play. Have Marion jump onto the back end of the lever. Go down the hatch.


You're at street level again. You finally get a hat you can wear here! The cops with the grenades are brutal.

Start to the left and smash everything. Try using the hat on the door by the fence. He looks at you and nods. The door in the gate opens. More enemies now come through at you. That's not fair!

It's funny how come wicker baskets are invincible? The mini-person door seems to lead to a chest

In the area behind the fence, you build in front of a truck while rocket-launcher guys blast away at you. If you run close enough to him, he will blow himself up. Once you build the truck, use the wrench to fix it. There's a heiroglyph in front of the door on the far back wall.

Get into the truck - drive through the gates and then you can smash all the silver things. This includes the large silvery doors. When you get through them you get a little motorcycle to ride. You can do wheelies!

Once you leave this area, you get a cut scene of Marion being stolen and Indy being sad.

10g - belloq's staff is too long - finishing the level

unlock characters:
Indiana Jones desert
3/10 artifacts

Lego Indiana Jones Walkthrough

Lego Indiana Jones Review

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